Dental Treatment Fees

BIDC abides by a system of price transparency. Treatment fees are standardized and clearly segregated as well as itemized for patient reference. There are no hidden VAT or tax surcharges. Treatment fees are charged based on material quality types chosen and is a fixed non-discriminatory fees. Dentist Checkup and consultation are free (not inclusive of x-rays, medications, sterilization, nursing fees and clinic service fees that are charged separately).

BIDC believes that sterilization is of uptmost importance to our patients. In enabling strict sterlization controls are met, BIDC follows American based JCI Standards that goes way beyond standard local sterilization requirements and imposes additional rounds of chemical and biological indicators safety check on its sterlization efforts daily to ensure that all our dental instruments and equipments are constantly dated, checked and totally sterilized in protecting our patients. To maintain our high sterilization controls and patient monitoring safety a 100 to 150 baht per visit charge for sterilization fees and/or nursing screen appears in your fees at BIDC main office. We welcome our patients to view our tightly controlled and highly monitored sterilization areas at BIDC building on request.

Please do feel free to read more about Terms of Warranty.

Timeframe of Stay

Length of stay in Bangkok for dental implant treatment and full mouth rehabilitation cases varies increasingly by case complexity. Please kindly Contact us for any clarifications or information assistance on your treatment queries.

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