Joint Commission international Accreditation USA

BIDC-The First Joint Commission International JCI Accredited Dental Center in Thailand
Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is proud to annouce its achievement as the FIRST dental clinic in Thailand to attain the American based Joint Commission International JCI Accreditation Standards. The Joint Commission International Acceditation imposes high levels of patient safety and evident based quality standards. This means that patients seeking treatment at BIDC receives a similiar level of uniform access, care and treatment as that across internationally JCI accredited medical facilities around the world.

An Official Authorized Dental Implants Center

BIDC is official center for Straumann dental implants, an ADA approved implant system with long-standing historical success case rates.

Bangkok Dental Cosmetic Center

Discover how good it feels to have a new smile at your very best. At our BIDC, our skilled team of cosmetic dentists can make it a reality - the dental makeover professionals.

Bangkok Orthodontic Center

Bangkok Orthodontic Center provides the full range of invisible orthodontic treatments including Lingual braces, Invisalign, Tooth-colored and Damon braces.

Leading Dental Implant Center

BIDC is a leading dental implant center in Thailand. Our highly qualified team of implantologists holds one of the country's highest dental implants success rates. Equipped with advance dental implant technologies, BIDC uses digitalized 3D CT Scan and has an dedicated dental implants prostheses lab for its dental implant treatment. BIDC is the associate partner for Straumann dental implants, an ADA approved with one of the world's most established historical success implant rates. BIDC is the first using Roxolid and Bone Level dental implants by Thailand's top ITI Straumann implantologists. See our dental implant cases.

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Thailand Cosmetic Dental Center

BIDC skilled team of cosmetic dentists and dental specialists are the dental makeover professionals in Thailand. With pre-verified qualifications and assigned privileges, our carefully selected cosmetic dentists team restores smiles from full mouth rehabilitation to single restorations. New material developments with IPS Empress Veneers, Procera, Cercon, 3M Lava All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges provides more natural esthetics. BIDC's dedicated on-site ceramics dental lab enables quality controls and immediate shade selection for quick and esthetic results. See our dental makeover and porcelain veneers cases.

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Zoom & BriteSmile Whitening Center

BIDC and its dental group is a Top Provider for Zoom Advance and BriteSmile teeth whitening treatments. Brighten your smile in one hour one visit with our current teeth whitening promotional offers. BIDC offers both BriteSmile teeth whitening and Zoom Teeth Whitening as seen on Hollywood's ABC Extreme Makeover television programme. All our teeth whitening treatments have certificate of authencity

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Bangkok Orthodontics Center

Bangkok Orthodontic Center provides the full range of invisible orthodontic treatments including Lingual braces, Invisalign, Clear braces and Damon braces.All our orthodontic cases are done by orthodontists specialists, many of whom are trained from the USA, UK, Japan.Specified orthodontists specialize further in lingual technique and Invisalign with additional certifications. BIDC is an Invisalign Top Platinum Provider and 3M Unitek Clarity Provider.

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Dental Treatments & Services

BIDC provides the full range of dental treatments including dental implants, ceramic crowns, bridges, veneers, lumineers, inlays, onlays, tooth-colored fillings, damon braces, lingual braces, invisalign, dentures, root canal treatment, gum surgery, cosmetic dentistry as well as general dentistry.

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Dentists and Dental Specialists

Accredited both locally and globally, our dental specialists are certified in their specific field of specialities including the USA and UK. Over 70% of our dental specialists trained overseas, many of whom are board certified. BIDC works by a referral system providing a one-stop dental specialists center.

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Bangkok International Dental Center Co., Ltd. (BIDC) was established with the aim of forming global alliances with a global management perspective in placing our dental center and dental clinics in Bangkok on the world scene. Our vision is to be a leading international dental care provider in Thailand.

Our BIDC center welcomes residents and visitors seeking dental treatments and dental specialists skills. The BIDC center is a 7 storey building equiped with the latest dental and medical technologies. There are over 20 treatment rooms housing over 35 dentists and on-site in-house laboratories.